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The Morning Rush

  • The Morning Rush

The Morning Rush with Verto and Kate


If you missed Verto on Sunrise this morning, CLICK BELOW TO WATCH,


It seems channel sevens sunrise can't get enough of Jon's Race call's.

The latest one was shown on Tuesday morning.


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The Show

Wake up with Verto & Kate

Together, Verto and Kate share a unique chemistry which sees them chatting each morning about the issues of the day over breakfast. It's easy to forget that you're listening to the radio. It's like you have the two of them sitting with you at the table or in the back seat of the car.

So join them weekdays from 6 - 8.30 with regular segments, Entertainment and Showbiz with Peter Ford, Dwayne Russel with the latest in sport and everyone's favourite game Radio Scattegories!

Jon Vertigan was born into radio. His dad John (senior) spent 53 years in the radio industry, and Jon is close on his heels notching up 25 this year. Jon (or Verto as his mates and listeners know him) loves his family, food, footy and friends. It's just coincidental they all start with 'f'. Fridays are another thing he likes. Also fishing. But he doesn't catch anything, but goes on an annual 'fishing' trip with his mates. Jon teams up with his newest friend Kate, to deliver the Morning Rush to you, each weekday from 6 on the ACE Radio Network. Fabulous!

Kate Meade is a breath of fresh air to the Morning Rush!
Mother of 3 Kate, has spent most of her life dancing and living life to the fullest.
A passionate story teller, keen scuba diver, and (in her words) “terrible at trivia”!
Kate Meade, the other half of the Morning Rush joins Verto every morning from 6.

Morning Rush Footy Tipping

Each week on the morning of the first game of the round, Jon and Kate will take the nominated caller through, and the caller will give their tips for the round of AFL Football.
If they get 9/9, they win the cash jackpot.

(Starts at $200 and jackpots each week it doesn't go off.)

Call Jon & Kate when promoted on 1300 00 1242.

Terms and Conditions -
Competition opens each week only to callers who haven't tipped this year. (A fresh caller each week.)
A draw is not counted as a win. For round 23, we will take 2 callers. The tipper who gets the most out of 9 wins the cash jackpot. If both are equal, a winner will be ascertained by an on air Footy Trivia quiz on the Monday morning following Round 23.
The second tipster must tip at least one different result to the first tipster.

Verto and Kate would love to hear from you!

Download Scattegories T&C's here

Special Features. Jon's First Race Call Sensation.

The 'International' sensation that was Jon's Race Call.
BEHIND THE SCENES- Behind the camera at Verto's Sunrise appearance

The term, 'he has a face for radio', is thrown around loosely here at the radio station when it comes to Verto.

But Thursday morning, that all went out the window, when he made national television, appearing on channel sevens Sunrise.

Here is what happened behind the scenes.

Missed the full Segment? CLICK BELOW

The Original Race Call-

Contact us anytime!

Call: 1300 00 1242
Text: 0437 882 000
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