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Source: Central Murray FNL.

Woorinen Colt 8-Game Ban

Woorinen Colt 8-Game Ban

Source: Central Murray FNL.

Tribunal Hands Down 8-Week Ban on Tiger Colt

The AFL Central Murray Tribunal has handed down an eight-week ban to a Woorinen FNC colt last night, after he pleaded guilty to striking a Cohuna FNC junior in Round 10.

The third-quarter strike on the Cohuna colt resulted in a broken jaw, with the Independent Tribunal stating that they 'are sending a message that any type of this behavior is unacceptable on or off the sporting field.'

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The Tigers' colt already had received a two-match ban imposed by the club, with the league applauded Woorinen's proactive attitude to stamping out unsociable gameplay.

The colt will now miss games in the 2019 season as a result.

The Tribunal also attended to Balranald senior Sam Godden, who received a two-match ban for headbutting a Nyah Nyah-West player in their Round 15 clash.

Godden pleaded not guilty to the charge, however was not successful in his bid after evidence was heard by all parties.

Godden will miss this weekend's do-or-die clash against Tooleybuc-Manangatang as a result, with the other match suspended until the end of 2018.

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