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V/Line works scheduled

V/Line works scheduled

Road closures and detours expected

Level crossing renewal works will take place at Mitchell Street in Kerang between 23 and 28 July and at the Murray Valley Highway level crossing near Swan Hill at Castle Donnington between 25 and 27 July.

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Level crossing renewals involve pulling up the road surface, completing repairs to the tracks underneath and then relaying a new surface over the top.

Mitchell Street in Kerang will be closed to road traffic at the level crossing on Wednesday 24 July and Murray Valley Highway will be closed to traffic at the level crossing between Swan Hill and Lake Boga on Friday 26 July. Signage and local detours will be in place for road users on these days.

There will be minor delays for road users at select other times during the renewals, with traffic management staff guiding motorists through the work-sites.

Workers will vacate the tracks to allow trains to pass through as scheduled.

Due to the nature of the works, there will be construction noise and dust during the day. Crews will work in the daytime and early evening to avoid disrupting local residents during the night.

A V/Line spokesperson said that it should "provide a smoother journey for passengers and road users.”

“We’re completing this important maintenance between train services to minimise the disruption to passengers and the local community.”

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