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Tourism Inquiry

Tourism Inquiry

Walsh calling for local hearings in government inquiry

With a Victorian Government Inquiry set to examine the impacts of COVID on the state's tourism and events sector, Member for Murray Plains Peter Walsh is imploring the Government to allow local voices to be heard.

He is calling for hearings to conducted in areas like Swan Hill and Echuca, so that any recommendations made will provide the specific support needed.

“If there is any good news for industry to come out of this crisis it will be the recommendations this inquiry is going to make – if, of course, the government decides to accept and implement them,” Mr Walsh said.

“But it must get the facts right – and the only place to do that is to come here and meet the people who were the hardest hit, to hear the stories and see their damage,” he added.

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The Legislative Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee will hear from representatives from the tourism and events industries during hearings today, including Joe Toohey from the Arts Industry Council of Victoria, and Felicia Mariani, CEO of the Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC).

The Committee will also hear from small business owners from the events sector.

"Too often decisions are made in Spring Street by the Andrews Government without understanding the impacts it has, particularly on cross-border communities, says Walsh.

"Just because there's a river through a town, [it] doesn't change anything for the local community, they are one town."

Submissions to the enquiry are being accepted until this Friday, April 16th and can be submitted HERE

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