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Image: Google Maps

Target closure in Kerang

Target closure in Kerang

Image: Google Maps

Swan Hill store 'to be confirmed'

With the announcement today regarding Target closing stores across Australia, many locals may be wondering what will be happening to local stores within the region.

Target expects to close up over 160 stores and over 90 could be converted into Kmart locations according to recent reports.

A Target spokesperson confirmed the closure of Target in Deniliquin and Target Country in Kerang.

For Swan Hill, they say they have no formal announcements, as they're still in discussions with landlords, but team members are expected to be informed once a decision is made.

Unconfirmed reports are that the store is one of those that will be converted to a Kmart.

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In a statement, the spokesperson says;

"During this difficult time, we are committed to supporting our team.

Across the Kmart Group we have made a significant effort to avoid store closures and retain our people and for impacted store team members we have the benefit of time to help find alternative employment opportunities.

All team members in Target stores scheduled for conversion to Kmart will be offered the opportunity to join the growing Kmart team, for other affected Target team members, we will work with them to identify and offer other redeployment opportunities in Kmart, Catch, Bunnings and Officeworks as these businesses continue to grow."

The changes are expected to be implemented over the next twelve months with the majority occurring in 2021.

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