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SH Police warn of scam

SH Police warn of scam

At least one local has been impacted

Locals are being warned by police about a phone scam that is making the rounds.

They report that scammers are contacting people via phone, pretending to be from the Dodo phone network. They then tell them that they've been mistakenly refunded $10,000 and that they're looking to get it back.

The telltale sign is that the person on the phone asks for the money to be payed back via iTunes and Steam gift cards.

It follows an incident back in September last year where an elderly Gannawarra man gave away his banking details, losing in excess of $100,000 from his bank account.

Scammers have also been targeting bushfire affected farmers across Victoria and New South Wales.

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Swan Hill Police Senior Sergeant Brian Hansen says he's aware of at least one person locally who has been taken by the scam.

"I know of at least one person locally that has fallen victim to this," says Sgt. Hansen.

"Luckily it hasn't cost them too much, but nonetheless it still cost them."

For those that are unsure if a call they receive is legitimate, Sgt. Hansen says hang up.

"Just come and see us, come to the police. We're certainly aware of this. If they are a customer of that particular company, or a particular company that's offering or claiming this kind of mistake in entry, then hang up and ring the company direct."

In addition, you can also look at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's 'Scamwatch' page HERE.

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