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Mallee residents weigh in

  • Mallee residents weigh in
  • Mallee residents weigh in

Mallee residents weigh in

UPDATE: The Liberal Party has declared it will move forward with a plebiscite or postal vote, after a meeting on Monday afternoon.

Before the meeting, Member for Mallee Andrew Broad strongly believed the government would make this decision.

The Mallee community were vocal on Facebook, with opinions differing.


"The debate that will accompany either a plebiscite or a postal vote will serve as a vehicle for vitriol and judgemental. Both are non-binding. It's a stalling tactic. Bring on a free vote already." - Tim Kelly

"The plebiscite got squashed so why not forget about it until the next election and have yes or no box on the top of the ballot paper. When we will already be paying people to count votes." - Paul Calder

"Lets use another word to describe marriage between man and woman. Same sex couples can have the word marriage which seems that is what they want. Heterosexual couples can call their union something more profound like SOLEMNISE. Have a solemnise ceremony. Of course if that became popular the gay community would want to take that as well." - Mike Adamson

"This is stupid, just let the parliament have a conscience vote, the parliament knows that most of Australia want same sex marriage. Vote, it will happen, make it legislation... stop wasting soo much time and money. A postal plebiscite is utterly useless for the DIGITAL generation, and this is the generation that believes in it. The postal vote will benefit the people who don't want equality." - Ratty McMahon.

EARLIER: MEMBER for Mallee Andrew Broad is confident the Liberal party won't 'break an election commitment to the Australian people' and forge ahead with a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

The Nationals party member will be like all other Australians today, awaiting the outcome of a Liberal Party meeting today at 4pm.

Speculation was rife Mr Broad would consider leaving the coalition if the Turnbull Government did not uphold their commitment of a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

Mr Broad strongly believes the Liberal party will not back down from their commitment.

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"My gut feel is the government will uphold their election commitment and say 'this is a society issue and society should be consulted' before any redefinition of the Marriage Act takes place," he told MixxFm/3SH.

"At the moment, there is a Liberal Party meeting today which will run for a few hours where they will have a discussion on their view... whether they go for a postal plebiscite or a plebiscite, or abandon that position.

"I think it is highly unlikely (they abandon it). I always found the best outcomes are when you don't push people.

"The parliament can think for themselves and it would be a big thing to break an election commitment to the Australian people."

Earlier today, it was reported a legal challenge may be launched against a national postal ballot.

The Australian Marriage Equality group, which hopes to see laws changed, has announced it will challenge any motion put forward when it came to a postal ballot.

The Senate has blocked the move in the past, and could do so again if the Liberal Government forges ahead.

Liberals MPs all returned to Canberra early today, in an attempt to sort out their position on same-sex marriage.