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Photo Credit: Run Across Australia (Facebook)

Running Across Australia

Running Across Australia

Photo Credit: Run Across Australia (Facebook)

Swan Hill The Stop For Nationwide Runner

A man attempting to run from Perth to Sydney, all in the name of charity, has made Swan Hill his 64th stopover last night.

Ruslan Shakin began his journey on November 19, copping the worst of the Australian summer as he looks to raise money for Charity:Water, which helps build clean water projects in Africa.

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This isn't the first time Mr Shatin has made a country-wide trek for charity, having already completed a run across Japan in November prior to his Australian challenge.

Mr Shakin says he's looking to gain a sense of perspective throughout his latest challenge.

"I listened to this book while I was running across Japan, called Thirst by Scott Harrison," Shakin said.

"It's the autobiography of the CEO of Charity:Water; this book inspired me to do Australia in the summer, because it's going to be hot and I wanted to feel what those people who don't have water feel like."

Shakin is now almost 2,000 kilometres in his journey, however still has over 1,200 to go as he continues towards Sydney; he anticipates to arrive in approximately three weeks.

As for what Swan Hill has to offer for Shakin, he says it's a nice town with a few perks for him.

"I have a friend that I get to visit here, plus I ordered in new shirts to be picked up here so I've been looking forward to that," Shakin said.

To follow Ruslan's journey, visit the Run Across Australia Facebook page, or donate to the cause at

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