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Image: Victoria Police Media

Road Safety for Xmas

Road Safety for Xmas

Image: Victoria Police Media

Car impounded as police call for calm ahead of the holidays

Swan Hill police have impounded a man’s car near Cohuna on Sunday afternoon.

Police detected a Ford Falcon sedan travelling at 153km/h in an 100km/h zone on the Murray Valley Highway yesterday afternoon.

The 58-year-old driver allegedly returned a positive oral fluid test to methyl amphetamine.

He was arrested and his car was impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1225.

He was charged on summons to appear in court at a later date.

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It comes as local police have also caught drivers in the Buloke Shire with speeds as high as 142 km/h.

Senior Sergeant Tanya Brooks says that it's worrying, especially heading into the Christmas period;

"It's very concerning with the road toll and road trauma and trying to reduce those figures."

"So we've got numerous police units out, numerous Highway Patrol units out everywhere in Swan Hill, Kerang, in the rural areas." says Brooks.

Currently, the Victorian road toll stands at 253 lives lost in 2019, a 25.9% increase over last year.

139 lives have been lost on rural roads.

Police are calling on drivers to take it easy on the roads.

"We just want people to slow down and get to where they want to for Christmas safely." says Brooks.

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