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Image: Macquarie Media

Power Compensation

Power Compensation

Image: Macquarie Media

Are you due a refund?

More than 20,000 homes and businesses in Melbourne’s south-east were left without power after the third mass outage in Victoria in recent weeks.

Ausnet then confirmed approximately 24,000 customers were without power during the night, claiming most lost power about 11.45pm and were restored just after 1am.

While the number of times isn't many, and the outage only last a little more than an hour, it keeps the issue of power alive, in an election year.


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Energy expert Gavin Duffy, manager of Policy and Research at St Vincent de Paul Society, told Melbourne Radio's Neil Micthell, customers who suffered outages last month can apply for more compensation on top of the $80-$180 offered by the government.

“They can go back and say well, the 80 bucks that’s nice but it’s not going to replace my fridge and my freezer, so people should be aware of that as well,” he said.

Information about Guaranteed Service Level payments can be found here

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