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Police warn: keys in car

Police warn: keys in car

Drivers leaving cars running unattended "a growing trend"

Swan Hill Police are issuing warnings surrounding drivers exiting their vehicles with the car still running and with keys in the ignition.

Senior Sergeant from Swan Hill Police, Brad Bennett says that it seems to be a growing trend;

"Life is such a 'hectic' pace up here that people can't afford to turn their car off when they go to buy a coffee or a newspaper." he said sarcastically.

"They're jumping out of the car, leaving the car running, they keys in the ignition and that's just inviting people to steal these cars."

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According to police, leaving a car unattended with the engine running and keys in the ignition can lead to motorists being fined.

"We're pleading with people, apart from the fact that they could receive a $165 on-the-spot fine for doing so", said Sergeant Bennett.

""Leaving a car unattended with keys in the ignition and we've also seen it where people have left the engine running with the keys in the car and they've got a couple of kids in the car and they've gone in to do their shopping. So that's leaving kids unattended and also leaving the vehicle running."

Furthermore, if a vehicle is stolen as a result of the leaving the engine running, insurance may not help.

"Insurance companies could say that they've contributed to the theft of the car and they might find themselves in serious conditions where insurance is not going to pay." said Bennett.

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