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'Get over the stigma': Amy

  • 'Get over the stigma': Amy

'Get over the stigma': Amy

If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from depression or anxiety, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

OSCAR Amy has suffered his fair share of mental health battles over the past 18 months, and now he wants people to 'get over the stigma' around mental health.

The Swan Hill man was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, a condition he didn't realise he had until he noticed his behaviour began to change.

He left his football club, the Mallee Eagles, to try and get better, leaving behind a spot in the senior squad and a coaching position with the Colts team.

"My mood changes a lot, my actions changed a lot," he said.

"I had a number of things happen at once. My job wasn't going well, I had an injury through sport and it all just came down and felt heavy.

"I felt really sad, really sad, and my mood was changing... I am a very active person but I found myself most days not wanting to get out of bed."

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Battling away through injury and stress, Amy eventually sought the help of professionals.

He has since been working with headspace Swan Hill and friends dear to his heart have also helped him get back on track.

Amy was selected to play part in the 2017 Central Murray Football Netball League Reserves Grand Final, a match his side won.

At one point in his mind, football had been one of the causes to his illness.

Suddenly, the same sport which helped him improve his life, had given him and his club their first flag in two decades.

"I love the game and it made me a little bit ill, but it got me back to being healthy.,

"I just want everyone to get over the stigma of mental health in football clubs. I don't want anyone to be afraid about speaking out, they are the best helps.

"At times there is such a big stigma, I felt uncomfortable at the football club, but they have been great getting me back and supporting me."