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Local sporting grants

Local sporting grants

Over 150 grassroots sport clubs to receive funding

More than 150 grassroots sport clubs and organisations across Northern Victoria are set to bolster their coaching skills, administration expertise, or score new sports equipment – thanks to a share in $230,600 from the latest round of Sporting Club Grants Program.

The grants provide clubs with up to $1,000 for new uniforms and equipment, up to $5,000 for training coaches, officials and volunteers, up to $5,000 to improve club operational effectiveness and up to $5,000 to help sports get back on their feet after the pandemic.

Member for Northern Victoria, Mark Gepp congratulated local clubs, saying the program "is giving grassroots sports clubs in the community the support they need to grow their ranks and help more people than ever play the sports they love.”

The Sporting Club Grants program is accepting applications until 11 May 2021 or when the fund allocation runs out.

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. $1,559.91 to Cardross Football Club Inc for sanitiser and COVIDsafe products
. $1,000 to Murray Darling Golf Association for the MDGA Country Teams Representative Squad uniforms
. $1,000 to Meringur Football Club Inc to purchase new footballs for women’s teams
. $1,000 to Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Mildura Branch) for a defibrillator
. $1,000 to Birchip-Watchem Football Club for volunteer uniforms
. $4,644 to Football Federation Sunraysia Inc for Coronavirus Safety
. $1,000 to Mid Murray Pistol Club Inc to re-engage members
. $5,000 to Swan Hill Soccer League Inc for their Coach & Referee Development Project
. $1,428 to Quambatook Football Club to ensure COVID-SAFE season
. $3,208 to Swan Hill Soccer League Inc for COVID19 Safety
. $1,617.40 to Kerang Golf Club for outdoor seating + sanitisation
. $1,643.40 to Boort Tennis Club Inc for their COVID recovery Easter tournament
. $2,000 to Swan Hill Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club -Tennis Victoria Swan Hill Country Week 2021
. $1,000 to Imperial Football & Netball Club Inc for uniforms
. $1,000 to Sunraysia Football Umpire Association Inc for junior umpire uniforms
. $5,000 to Football Federation Sunraysia Inc for training - Regional C-Licence Coaching Course
. $974 to Sunraysia Gliding Club Inc for COVID-19 cleaning
. $2,000 to Mildura Golf Resort for tracing upgrade
. $1,000 to Robinvale Golf Club Inc for Kids Clubs
. $1,000 to Beulah Hopetoun Football Netball Club Inc to buy equipment for junior participants
. $1,990 to Koowinda Hockey Club to purchase additional equipment
. $2,000 to Robinvale Lawn Tennis Club Inc for new tennis balls and ball pick up mower
. $1,972 to Beulah Hopetoun Football Netball Club Inc for the purchase of cleaning products
. $1,000 to Lake Boga Sports Club to purchase playing uniform for junior representatives
. $1,000 to Calivil United Football & Netball Club for U13 and U12/Minis Netball uniforms
. $1,000 to Boort-Yando Cricket Club for Match Day preparation
. $2,000 to Nyah Two Bays/ Swan Hill Swimming Club for Advance Coaching Accreditation
. $1,826 to Kerang Lawn Tennis Club Inc for purchase of cleaning and COVIDsafe products
. $2,000 to Macorna Football Netball Club for effective COVID-19 safety for participants
. $1,803 to Lake Boga Riding Club Inc for COVID Cleaning and Hygiene Management
. $1,500 to Boort-Yando Cricket Club to purchase additional equipment.

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