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Kerang Counterfeit Cash

Kerang Counterfeit Cash

Police Arrest Male Circulating Fake Money

A male from Kerang has appeared in court today, after being found with a quantity of counterfeit money and drugs among other items.

Police executing a search warrant yesterday at the Kerang address, arresting the male and remanding him in custody, after he tried to pay for items with the fake notes.

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The shop owner reported the fake cash to police, prompting investigations in the male's activity and ultimately leading to his arrest.

Swan Hill Police Inspector Haydn Downes says counterfeit money can circulate if owners aren't wary.

"A lot of the differences you pick up by the feel of them, especially with the new notes," Insp. Downes said.

"Unfortunately they can get past if you're very busy in a shop, and they don't have time to have a look."

"Our troops on the ground did a great job with their investigations."

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