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Breaking stigma

  • Breaking stigma

Headspace say it is okay

A MENTAL health worker has made an impassioned plea with the community to remember it is okay to not be okay.

headspace Swan Hill general manager Ian Johansen said mental health issues affected everybody.

"I think the perception is changing about mental health," he said.

"It is okay. Everyone of us will have challenges whether we are able to flourish and if we can make a strong contribution and overcome crisis.

"Everyone of us will have challenges to our mental health, it isn't just some people, it is all of us."

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Earlier this week, Mixx Fm/3SH spoke to Oscar Amy, a man who said headspace Swan Hill changed his life.

This week, Central Murray Football Netball League operations manager David Alderuccio is the Swan Hill Mental Health week ambassador.

Depression is close to his heart, and he wants everyone who may be struggling to find a strong support network.

"My only advice is for people to feel they can trust people," he said.

"Talking is one of the best things you can do... and keeping your mind active as well."