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A chat with Harold Pratt

A chat with Harold Pratt

Noel Watson recently spoke to our old mate about life at 3SH.

Harold Pratt is still the longest-serving On-Air personality in the history of 3SH. He arrived at 3SH in 1974 and was initially planning to only stay 6 months. 31 years later he had become part of the fabric of the Mallee. Recently Noel Watson managed to grab Harold on the phone from his home in Mission Beach Queensland for a chat.

The full interview is available to listen to through the link at the bottom of this page.

Harold talks about his early days of theatre working alongside Abigail ... also his run of owning horses locally including a classic story from a Stawell win. Rosie on the Tripodi & Taverna Fruit & Vegie seggie every Tuesday somehow always (innocently) saying exactly what Harold wanted her to say (full of double entendre). Re-introducing Local Football broadcasts. His fascination with watching current host Noel Watson's eating abilities during broadcasts at games etc. Even his classic ole & very well known ute that only died a year or 2 back.

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