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Friday News Wrap 05/10

Friday News Wrap 05/10

Your Quick Wrap of the Mallee's Latest News!

LINK: Lib-Nats Promise $19bn Regional Rail Network

LINK: The Long Haul Comes Through Swan Hill

- Labor Bites Back With Big Pre-Election Promise

Mallee parents will have access to up to 15 hours worth of free kinder a week for their three-year-olds in a decade, if the state Government gains re-election in November.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's bumper rail project promise from the Liberal-Nationals, Labor has continued its focus on education; spending almost five billion dollars to help more children get into education earlier.

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Member for Northern Victoria Mark Gepp says the plan is also there to support those in long daycare.

"This will enable us to ensure that kids can go to kinder, or if they are in long daycare, we will fund those centres to employ kindergarten teachers," Gepp said.

"The kids will be developing in a good environment from an early age, and I'm sure Mallee parents will welcome the announcement."

LINK: 12-Year-Old Boy Dies in Leitchville Farm Accident

- Prime Mover Destroyed in Accidental Blaze

A man in Charlton has learnt about fire safety the hard way, after a blaze he accidentally started caused more than $100,000 worth of damage.

The man was using an angle grinder at a Donald Road property, when sparks ignited a patch of dry grass just after midday last Thursday.

The fire then engulfed a prime mover nearby.

Swan Hill Police Senior Sergeant and Station Commander Brad Bennett says it's a timely warning.

"With everything being so dry, just be aware of your surroundings; those fires can get out of control fast," Bennett said.

- Fire Danger Period Announced for Mallee

An early start to the fire danger period for a large portion of the Mallee has been declared by the CFA.

The CFA announced the fire danger period will commence on October 15, with the earlier date due to the very dry conditions.

District 18 Acting Operations Manager John Breaks says it's time to prepare for a potentially dangerous summer.

"The ground and soil are very dry, so it's not going to take much for a fire to get running and cause significant damage," Breaks said.

"We just ask that everyone starts their preparation; make sure you have a bushfire plan for your properties and take appropriate measures to make sure they're safe."

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