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Firewood Fine Issued

Firewood Fine Issued

Firewood collector fined for illegal collection

A 22 year-old Lake Charm man was fined $661.00 for illegally cutting and collecting wood in Guttrum State Forest last week, north of Kerang.

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) Forest and Fire Operations Officer Nick Whatley said authorised officers came upon the man during a regular trail bike forest patrol.

“It is illegal for people to collect firewood outside designated firewood collection seasons or to fall trees in state forests at any time of the year,” Mr. Whatley said.

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“After speaking with the man, we issued him an infringement notice and seized the firewood. The firewood has been held as evidence pending any further legal proceedings."

“We encourage people to legally collect firewood from the collection areas during the season.

Currently, under the Forest Act 1958, it is illegal to cut or take away trees in the forest and carries an on-the-spot fine of $661.00, a maximum penalty of one-year imprisonment, or a fine of up to $8,261.00, or both, if the matter proceeded to Court.

The spring collection season will open on September 1st 2019.

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