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$7 Million Awarded

  • $7 Million Awarded

Grapevines Were Destroyed

A local farmer, Tony Caccaviello, has been fighting for four years after massive losses to grapevines, near Swan Hill, due to negligent spraying by a neighbour.

The Supreme Court was satisfied that due to the use of chemicals 2,4-D, glyphosate and metsulfuron-methyl by his neighbour, that Mr. Caccaviello has a reasonable claim.

The chemicals that has been used are toxic to grapevines and never used in vineyards.

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The final payout claim of $6,543,626.10, plus $704,587.66 in interest includes the cost of rehabilitating the land, loss of grape sales, the cost of re-establishing the vineyard and the future loss of grape sales while the vines regrow.