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Election Results 2019

Election Results 2019

Webster takes Mallee and Ley wins in Farrer

The National Party of Australia's Anne Webster has won the Mallee seat and Liberal Party MP Sussan Ley has maintained her seat for Farrer in the 2019 Federal Election.

(Note: figures may be subject to change past the time of publication.)

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Nationals maintain the Mallee

The Nationals have maintained their seat in Mallee, with candidate Anne Webster taking 66.7% of the votes.

Labor Party candidate Carole Hart followed with 33.2% of votes.

Mallee is Victoria's largest electorate covering 81,962 square kilometres or 36% of the state.

Mallee has always been a safe Country/National Party seat with only four members in the 64 years of its existence. Its former members have been Winton Turnbull (1949-1972), Peter Fisher (1972-1993), John Forrest (1993-2013) and Andrew Broad since 2013, who retired prior to the election.

Ley takes Farrer

Ley won with 61.4% of the votes, with Independent candidate Kevin Mack provided a strong challenge following with 38.6% of the votes.

Considered a very safe liberal seat from the outset, the seat has being held by Ley since 2001 and that will look to continue for the near future.

Covering 126,590 square kilometres, the electorate is the second largest in New South Wales covering 15.8% of the state.

Farrer has been a safe conservative seat since its creation and has had only four members in the 70 years since its first contest. It was held by former Liberal ministers David Fairbairn (1949-75), Wal Fife (1975-1984) and former National Party Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer (1984-2001).

The state election results indicated that Ley’s seat was under pressure. With Kevin Mack projected to poll strongly in his area of Albury, picking up former National Party voters. But, the results painted a different story, despite the strong challenge from Mack.

National: Bill Shorten concedes, will step down as Labor leader

With 71.9% of votes counted at the time of writing, the Liberal National Party holds 74 seats to Labor's 66, with other candidates holding six seats. Needing 76 to win, Labor's Bill Shorten has stepped down as Labor leader.

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