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Source: Trent Rose

Drug-driving increase

Drug-driving increase

Source: Trent Rose

29 offences detected over the past month

Drug-driving is appearing to become more prevalent within the local community.

Police in Swan Hill have detected 29 drug-driving offences over the past month.

Senior Sergeant Brian Hansen calls it a "concerning trend";

"This is taking over as a main theme on the roads, particularly from offences like drink-driving. Drug-driving is more prevalent."

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Road-policing command have provided the local area with extra drug-testing kits for Highway Patrol units.

For one-member and sixteen-hour stations, they have also been given the ability to test drivers.

"We've got a greater capacity to test more and more drivers in the community. That could be part of the reason why we're detecting more," says Sergeant Hansen.

A majority of the offences are occurring within the Swan Hill city limits and police are concerned that it's happening even with COVID-19 restrictions.

"With lockdown we've seen that there's been limited movement and less traffic on the road, yet we're still getting people who are willing to flout the laws and get behind the wheel, says Hansen.

They're putting themselves and a lot other people in the community at risk."

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