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Doyle in denial

  • Doyle in denialRobert Doyle

Robert Doyle says behaviour was "misunderstood"

An independent report into Robert Doyle’s behaviour has found the former Lord Mayor acted in a sexually inappropriate manner on three occasions.

The full report will not be publicly released due to personal and health information provided on a voluntary and confidential basis.

The report is not judicial and Mr Doyle has denied any wrongdoing throughout.

His wife, Emma Page-Campbell, released a statement after the report was released.

“Robert informed the investigation that he now recognises that his cheerful and often times animated personality and manner towards people, both men and women alike, may no longer be appropriate by today’s standards,” she said.


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Emma Page-Campbell said also Mr Doyle did not accept the findings.

“He is sorry for any misunderstanding he has caused others by such conduct, but fervently rejects that any such conduct was intended to be inappropriate or sexual in nature.

“The City of Melbourne was well served by Robert over the last nine years as Lord Mayor and his departure and these findings, which we do not accept, should not diminish his record of public service.

“He intends to return to good health in time, move on from this period and find ways to continue to serve the community of Melbourne. He continues to have my unbridled love and support.”

Councillor Nicolas Frances Gilley joined Tom Elliott in studio not long after the findings were handed down.