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DoT warn travellers

DoT warn travellers

Department of Transport gives advice for travellers getting away

Commuters that use V/Line services may experience delays as heat speed restrictions are enforced for this week.

Heat speed restrictions are enforced when temperatures exceed 36 degrees in order to reduce the likelihood of train and track faults, while also keeping passengers safe.

Spokesperson for the Department of Transport Georgia Main says that the best way for people to know what is happening is to keep an eye on the V/Line website.

"Trains will be slowing down in the heat, but there is the risk if it is really extreme on Friday that some of those train services will be put onto coaches.

"So, that is one for people to look out for and people can get that latest information on the website." says Main.

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For those who do their travelling by car, the Department is also advising motorists to prepare for the hotter conditions, as vehicle breakdowns are more likely to occur.

Drivers should check brakes, tyres, oil and water and ensure there’s enough fuel for the trip to avoid getting stranded.

With the bushfire risks, in the event of a breakdown, drivers should stop or park in the shade and avoid parking on long dry grass, which becomes a potential fire hazard due to the hot exhaust system.

If you see any hazards on the roads, please report them to the VicRoads Traffic Management Centre on 13 11 70, which is open 24/7.

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