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Cool weather settles

  • Cool weather settlesSwan Hill Bridge

Mallee shivers through cold nights

THE Mallee has been shivering through nights and early mornings across the past week, with no change in forecast until next week.

The Bureau of Meteorology have revealed temperatures will remain steady through the week and weekend, before a "shake up" next week.

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Senior Forecaster Keris Arndt said a high pressure system meant much of the state was dealing with frosty mornings.

"We have had a big high pressure sitting over us since the weekend, bringing cool temperatures across the state," he said.

"We have had stable weather and clear skies over the Mallee... we have seen the temperatures drop to fairly low single digits and it will continue in the Mallee for a week or so.

"Into next week, around Wednesday or Thursday, we are hinting at the next cold front coming through, something to shake it up with some showers and possibly storms."