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CFA Mallee Warning

CFA Mallee Warning

CFA Urge Caution Ahead of Dangerous Day

The Country Fire Authority are urging Mallee residents to be careful tomorrow, as an unique set of conditions set to combine to create a hazardous 24 hours.

A Total Fire Ban has been issued for the Mallee region, effective as of 12:01am, however the CFA are warning locals the dangerous conditions are not linked to high temperatures.

CFA State Response Controller Stephanie Rotarangi spoke with 3SH/MIxxFM, saying the issues will be caused by the winds.

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"It's not about the high temperatures, like the Mallee is used to; it's going to be gusty, and the change coming through may create a storm," Rotarangi said.

"It's going to be a real mixed bag."

The latest forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology suggests winds may reach up to 45 km/h, however medium to strong winds will be consistent throughout the entire day.

Ms Rotarangi says with conditions as dry as they are in the Mallee, all locals should take extra precaution.

"Make sure you protect yourself and others by making sure hazardous trees are removed or safe to be near. No fires should be going in the region anyway, but if you do have a burnoff going, make sure it's completely distinguished."

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