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CFA Fire Season

CFA Fire Season

CFA says residents should prepare

With the fire danger period fast approaching, the Country Fire Authority is advising local residents to begin getting their properties ready.

CFA District 18 Operations Manager John Bigham says that residents shouldn't leave it too late;

"The fire danger period is fast approaching for the greater western part of Victoria."

"If you've got long grass, it's reducing the bulk of your grass around your house, either by slashing or burning this time of the year.

"Leaves and leaves falling from trees, that's another source of ignition. Your gutters around your home. Haystacks for the rural community. Make sure that your fire breaks around your hay stacks or your shed."

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In recent years there have been a number of hay shed and hay stack fires, resulting in expensive losses for farmers.

According to the CFA, farmers should check their hay stacks on a regular basis and ensure any valuable stock and machinery is stored separately. Hay bales can be inspected by breaking them open or by inserting a crowbar or metal rod to assess temperature.

Bigham says that people looking for more information can look online or come in person;

"I suggest looking at the CFA website, there's plenty of brochures that people can download or come into the district office here in Swan Hill, or in Mildura."

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