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CFA warning Melbournians

CFA warning Melbournians

Melbournians urged not to come to the region to burn off

The Country Fire Authority wants Melbourne residents who own Mallee property to avoid returning to the region to burn off.

Residents of Melbourne who own land in the Mallee can visit a secondary or holiday home under the current restrictions to undertake emergency maintenance, which would cover burning off.

Melbourne residents can apply for a permit from their local council from October 6th, which allows them to visit their property to do maintenance. If the application is approved, they can travel to our region but must be back in metropolitan Melbourne within 72 hours of leaving.

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However, residents are asked to instead use a contractor to do the work for them. CFA District 18 Assistant Chief Gavin Wright said they’re encouraging residents to outsource the work.

“As a result of the covid pandemic if at all possible we’d ask them to stay in Melbourne and just engage a local contractor close to where perhaps their holiday home or their other property in regional Victoria. We’d ask them to engage a local contractor to do the cleaning up on their behalf

If residents must come to the regions like the Mallee to burn off, they’re not yet required to use a fire permit. Gavin Wright says District 18, which covers much of the Mallee, hasn’t yet made Fire Permits necessary.

“So there’s no declared fire danger period for CFA in district 18 yet, and that covers the Swan Hill area, so that’s still being assessed as we have a look at how things are drying out. Later this month there will be further consultation we may declare a fire danger period. Likely to be late October or early November.”

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