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Cat Disease On The Rise

Cat Disease On The Rise

Mallee Pet Owners Warned Of Deadly Feline Parvovirus

A warning to all cat owners across the Mallee this week as multiple cases of a deadly feline disease have been reported in stray kittens across suburban Melbourne.

Feline parvovirus, also known as cat plague or panleukopenia, was prevalent in the 1960's and 70's but once widespread vaccinations were introduced, the disease was pushed back.

The re-emergence of the deadly disease was first discovered in Mildura and Melbourne back in 2015 and cases have steadily rose since then.

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The virus causes severe gastroenteritis, which can be fatal, and most victims of the disease are unvaccinated kittens or young cats.

If your cat experiences concerning symptoms, it is advised that you consult your local vet.

Feline parvovirus has no effect on humans.

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