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Broad Bids Farewell

Broad Bids Farewell

Andrew Broad Delivers Final Speech to Federal Parliament

Outgoing Member for Mallee Andrew Broad has delivered his final speech to Federal Parliament, after choosing not to re-contest the seat of Mallee following the 'sugar daddy' scandal last December.

In a valedictory speech lasting 11 and a half minutes, Broad covered a wide spectrum of topics regarding his wants for the country and his time in governance, before addressing his daughter and wife.

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Mr Broad brought his speech to an end by saluting his wife and daughter for their love and grace, after they were brought into the national spotlight last year.

"It was said to me recently that at the end of your professional life, we each get to go to our place of work, pack up our things and put them in a box. We then walk into a house and find children who are estranged from us in a house that's empty, or a house that has a welcoming family and a partner that loves us. This is when we measure success," Mr Broad said.

"My story is a story of redemption and grace. I look forward to living out many chapters ahead with my beautiful wife; who's long suffering and very forgiving."

Prior to his tribute to his family, Broad used his opportunity to criticise elements of the Federal budget handed down last night, including the slashing to international aid funding.

"I am disappointed to see the aid budget reduced from $5bn to $3.8bn," Mr Broad said.

"When I talk about our aid being used as medicine for children .. law and order assistance so there is an increased security, and food parcels so people don't starve and stay in their own countries instead of seeking refuge; people tend to grasp why I'm so passionate about this."

Broad has expressed interest in continuing his work with international aid after his tenure officially ends.

The ballot for the Federal seat of Mallee is now heavily contested ahead of an expected mid-May election, with 10 separate candidates fighting for one of the largest seats by size in the country.

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