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Image: Macquarie Media

Big Housing Build

Big Housing Build

Image: Macquarie Media

$15 million to be spent in the Swan Hill region

The Victorian Government's 'Big Housing Build' announced last Sunday is expected to benefit 21 priority areas across the state, including Swan Hill.

The $5.3 billion dollar project is expected to build 12,000 houses across the state.

The investment will deliver 9,300 new social housing homes across the state – including replacing 1,100 old public housing units.

This investment will reportedly aim to help Aboriginal Victorians, pensioners, Victorians with disability, family violence victims and single parent families.

Of these new homes, 2,000 will be for Victorians living with mental illness and a further 2,900 new affordable and low-cost homes will be built to help low-to-moderate income earners.

25 per cent of the funding to be allocated to regional Victoria – including a minimum of $40 million for Mildura and $15 million for Swan Hill.

Member for Northern Victoria Mark Gepp says "Everyone deserves a safe and secure place to call home – this record funding will deliver exactly that.”

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Mallee Family Care has also welcomed the announcement;

"It's pretty phenomenal. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this in my time in working in the social services sector," says CEO Teresa Jayet.

Although, she is concerned about the immediacy of the project.

"During COVID, there has been some fantastic support provided by many establishments in Swan Hill and there has also been the monetary relief that's come from the Commonwealth Government.

"My real concern is once we come through this COVID period, what will that look like for those people that are experiencing homelessness and how do we manage to support them moving forward?"

More details about the project, including the rollout are expected to be revealed soon as meetings are held this week.

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